Future change of Game Engine Paradigm?

I found some note on the furture changes of game engine what Tim Sweeney mentioned as the following:

"But realistically, I think that DirectX 10 is the last DirectX graphics API that is truly relevant to developers. In the future, developers will tend to write their own renderers that will use both the CPU and the GPU - using graphics processor programming language rather than DirectX. I think we're going to get there pretty quickly.

I expect that by the time of the release of the next generation of consoles, around 2012 when Microsoft comes out with the successor of the Xbox 360 and Sony comes out with the successor of the PlayStation 3, games will be running 100% on based software pipelines. Yes, some developers will still use DirectX, but at some point, DirectX just becomes a software library on top of ... you know."

- Epic Games, Tim Sweeney

As Teze said about the above, there are a trend (or movement) which consolidates chips on the board. And with that change, the number of cores of the chip are increased as time passes. Those will make changes on many things concerned about the game engineering side such as game engine even mostly on its renderer part. Saying first the conclusion, what Tim pointed it out is that there will happen common using of software renderer again instead of hardware supported renderer like the present due to the increasing number of the core.

Most of the things are make sense. Also he(Teze) pointed out different thing of renderer among of Unreal Engines for an example. All prevously released Unreal Engiens have Pixomatica famous software renderer of RADGameTools.Inc. except Unreal3. So Unreal Engine 3 will be the only one which does not include software renderer. What the point he emphasized is that any changes of hardware trend will not much affect on the Epic guys.but for other ones? The time for preparing of *BIG* changes may come.

Also there is other evidence which put the truth on the above thing. There was a rumor on the secret, not anymore it is, called 'Larrabee'. Check it and it will make it more clear and then you also can imagine that it will affect on the existing game framework and  infrastructure as what Tom Forsyth mentioned on his blog.(find it with the keyword, Larrabee)

Lastly, it might be good to mention about Nebula3's architecture on multithreaded system which can be avaialable on the link.

Not too much passed time as mentioned above, if you have any interest on changes on renderers within two or three years, it might be helpful to see what Wolfgang Engel mentioned on his blog.

ps 2.
Pixomatic slides can be obtained via this link. Also there is  Dr.Dobbs Journal articles on Pixomatic are available: part1, part2, part3.

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제목 : Future change of Game Engine..
Future change of Game Engine Paradigm? multiple-core?? Software renderer?? 2012 ?? 팀 스위니 아저씨가 재미난 이야기를 많이 하는군요.. unreal4는 xbox360 나 ps3 이후의 그 다음 세대의 콘솔에만 타겟을 한다더니, 그러면, spec이 정해져서, 그래픽 하드웨어 랜더러도 더 발전하게 되지 않을까? 뭐.. 파이프라인은 다른 이야기일 수도 있겠지만.. ......more

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제목 : Paradigm change on Graphics ..
Discussing with Teze현재에는 GPU를 차용한 컴퓨터가 표준이지만 미래에도 표준이 될지는 의문입니다. 최하위 그래픽 카드와 최상위 그래픽 카드 간의 격차가 과거의 부두(Voodoo) 시절과 비교하면 100배 이상 차이가 나는 상황에서 특정 영역대의 GPU는 지원을 포기할 수 밖에 없습니다. 그리고 앞으로는 멀티 코어 CPU가 대세가 될 것이기 때문에 이러한 하드웨어 환경에서는 소프트웨어 렌더러를 개발해서 여분의 CPU ......more

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... M에 견주어 설명한 것을 읽고 보니 뉴타입 이야기를 빼놓을 수 없을 것 같습니다. Cuda와 Larrabee가 GM과 건담이라면 뉴타입으로는 존 카멕과 팀 스위니겠죠. ^^; 팀 스위니의 이야기는 앞에서 이미 언급했었고, 이러한 변화에 대한 뉴타입 - 존의 이야기는 여기서 보실 수 있습니다. ... more

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a bit more detail explanation seems to be needed on what Teze mentioned. I'll add annotation later.

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